fredag 21 augusti 2015

A week has gone Viikko mennyt

Yesterday I photographed the early morning hour. It was warm (+18 C perhaps), there was nA beautiful summer morning.

Today I gad got the inspiration to paint a portrait. I did it with acrylic colors and I am quite pleased with the look  and expression. The technic is rather rough.
Yesterday morning
I had the most beautiful
by the sea.
I admired the silence and the beauty of nature. The sea is on the left side.
During last week I drew this gentleman.
                                          and painted  this young musician.
Thank you for all your comments according to my postings before. I appreciate them very much.
I wish you all a relaxing weekend and happy PPF!
Viikon aikana tehtyjä muotokuvia sekä valokuvia eilen aamulta, jolloin sain nauttia aamun hiljaisuudesta, tyyneydestä ja auringonpaisteesta.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Wonderful photos and your portraits are always wonderful, happy PPF, Valerie

  2. Your faces are so full of's like I want to read each of their stories. That's an incredible thing to be able to do that with a face.

  3. Fabulous sketches. I always love seeing how much emotion your faces have.

  4. Love your photos and always your faces. You capture so much emotion.

  5. Thank you Valerie, Wanda, Erika and Jo for your lovely comments! I appreciate them very much and I´ll try to answer everyone next time, I have not been able to do it now,