fredag 28 augusti 2015

A week with portraits Muotokuvien viikko

A week with portraits, I never get tired to paint faces. But I can understand if you get tired of seeing  faces every week!
Perhaps some still leben painting would temptate, but faces are so much more interesting.

And I would  wish  get better in that.
I have some persons who I favore to paint.

Always I am searching new models to paint or draw. They must "touch" me somehow.
The summer has been time for new kids/calves (?) for the deer. She came the other evning and showed two of them. They often have two babies.

fredag 21 augusti 2015

A week has gone Viikko mennyt

Yesterday I photographed the early morning hour. It was warm (+18 C perhaps), there was nA beautiful summer morning.

Today I gad got the inspiration to paint a portrait. I did it with acrylic colors and I am quite pleased with the look  and expression. The technic is rather rough.
Yesterday morning
I had the most beautiful
by the sea.
I admired the silence and the beauty of nature. The sea is on the left side.
During last week I drew this gentleman.
                                          and painted  this young musician.
Thank you for all your comments according to my postings before. I appreciate them very much.
I wish you all a relaxing weekend and happy PPF!
Viikon aikana tehtyjä muotokuvia sekä valokuvia eilen aamulta, jolloin sain nauttia aamun hiljaisuudesta, tyyneydestä ja auringonpaisteesta.

fredag 14 augusti 2015

Pencil drawings Lyijykynäpiirustuksia

Today I have these two pencil drawings to show to you. I have had a Little summer break with portraits and other painting. The weather is Lovely warm and sunny so I only must go out so often  it is possible!

I Always love to draw with pencils. No digital treatment. I had a photo as referance to both portraits.
Have a nice weekend and an artsy PPF!