fredag 31 juli 2015

Something New. Something Old Vähän uutta ja vähän vanhaa

I like drawing with dry pastels and painting with watercolors.
This first one portrait is a drawing again of my son, after a photo . It is always a joy to try to do a portrait of one of  the family members.

These two aquarelles are portraits of Bogdan, an amazing pianist and composer. These photos are surely a couple of years old, so he perhaps looks more adult now.

And this chaming gentleman is 91 years old  nowadays and still going strong. He has given fine times with his music for me and millions of others. He has always been (his photos) an inspirering model when ever I had the will to draw or paint. And he still is. His name is Charles Aznavour if anyone do not recognize him.

He is much more handsome "in the nature" than in this of my painting,
And an aquarelle of a house. I painted , sketched this our house in 1991, but fineshed it now. It is much to do with the perspective and with all decorations.

This painting in aquarelle is from the kitchen in 1999. It is old but I like it as it is.
I wish you all a nice weekend  and happy PPF! Much joy with all kinds of creativity!

Voimat eivät tahdo riittää kahden kieliseen tekstiin, saati sitten kolmen, kuten olisi oikeastaan tarve. Mutta minusta tuntuu, että kaikki osaavat sen verran englantia nykyaikana, että saavat selvän, mitä tarkoitan ja kuvathan saavat puhua puolestaan, jos pystyvät. Toivottavasti sentään. Kaikille lukijoille mukavaa viikonloppua, ainakin nyt aurinko paistelee ja on ihan hyvä ulkoiluilmakin siis. 

9 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful work - again, your son is handsome man! Valerie

  2. Your paintings are gorgeous. I have never used pastels with watercolors, but the result is really nice.

  3. Wonderful portraits! I particularly like your use of color in your son's. Happy PPF

  4. oh what lovely pieces, have a good PPF

    much love...

  5. they are all so impressive but I have to say that my favorite is the last one with those beautiful breezy curtains!!

  6. Such lovely work, you obviously have great admiration for that musician and your son is so lovely too!! Good job!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Fantastic pieces again this week. I love the window. It is so summery and homey.

  8. Talo ja kaunis ikkuna työt ovat hurmaavia.

  9. Sirkka these are all fantastic... I am so impressed. I could never draw faces,
    I also love your building and that beautiful window. The light and shadows are gorgeous.
    I hope you have a creative week ahead.