lördag 30 augusti 2014

Hevonen on häst, A horse

Vaihteeksi piirustus hevosesta. Tässä laukkaa laitumellaan Vilma, Scuderia Järvisen, heppa. 
Sain luvan käyttää heidän kuviaan luonnosten pohjana.
Som omvaxling en bild på en häst springandes på betet. Fick använda Scuderia Järvinens foton som underlag.

torsdag 28 augusti 2014

Girls, girls Tyttöjä

Tämä tyttö hurmasi minut täysin häntä maalatessani.
This girl completly charmed me when I painted her.

First I did a pencil sketch of her.

An other charming girl is this lady with her red glasses.
Toinen hurmaava tyttö on tämä lady punaisissa laseissaan.

Ja iloinen Sandee
And the cheerfull Sandee

Again  the charming lady with her red glasses. A little other style this time.
Tällä kertaa vähän toisenlainen tyyli.

A pencil drawing of Margaret 

fredag 22 augusti 2014

Painting Selfies Maalaillen

Again friday and PPF! The week has gone  with painting portraits, "selfies" of ourselves and eacn others on the Paint, Paper, Pencils & Pens blog.  Here I can show you some of the selfies I made.
Viikko on kulunut maalatessa selfies, omakuvia. 


                                                         Ann and Wilhelm the Lurcher
I hade drawn a selfie a little earlier.
And a pencil drawing earlier from the time I was a little younger.
Linking to PPF.

måndag 18 augusti 2014


Frida, painted with watercolours. Scanning took the most of the colours away. Linking ArtJournalJourney`s Frida-challenge.

lördag 16 augusti 2014

Again a week is gone

An author from here,  Anni Blomqvist, who wrote about a life in this archipelago. Her husband and two sons were fishermen and she loost them all to the sea.
Here is Anni with her winter cloths.

                                                     Frida Kahlo

Pencil sketch of Robin Williams

An aquarelle of Robin W.
                                                     An aquarell sketch of him.

fredag 8 augusti 2014

Cat Kissa

I have two cat boys, they are of mixed race. Here I tried to paint a Birma-cat, because it is said, that my cats have some Birma blood  flowing in their veins. They are yet looking as ordinary country cats, with a little angora look.
Kissoissani sanotaan olevan ripaus Birmaa, siksi tutustuin hiukna Birmakissaan. Voin sanoa, että vain pehmoinen, pitkä karva muistuttaa Birmasta.

Some Portraits and Pots Muutama muotokuva ja kuppi

It has been too hot for me now and I have not done so much. But always some portrait. This first one is a portrait I did with dry pastels. I think he is quite like the referance.
This singing favourite I painted with aquarelle colours and used aquarelle pens too. It was a kind of experiment.

These cups are painted for PPP&P-blog, there the theme is just cups and mugs two first weeks in august. They are painted with dry pastels.
Viikon aikana tehtyjä kuvia. Ensimmäinen muotokuva kuivapastelleilla, toinen akvarelli ja akvarellikynä, kupit kuivapastelleilla.
Linking to PPF.

tisdag 5 augusti 2014

Frida hienona. Frida is fine.

I found a new picture of Frida and painted she in dry pastels. She wanted to be fine, I see.
Löysin kuvan Fridasta. Hän halusi olla hieno.
Linking Art Journal Journey where they have a challenge with theme of Frida.

lördag 2 augusti 2014

Frida again

Frida first painting is a dry pastel drawing of Frida. I think she is rather young in these paintings..
And the same Frida in watercolours.
These are my first Frida paintings. Perhaps it will be more during the august month.
Linking to Art Journal Journey`s Frida-challenge.

fredag 1 augusti 2014

Viikon aikana A weeks work

The first face is in aquarelle colors. Somehow I feel that I must do something else now. But faces I must do! 
I did a try with charcoal and liked it very much.
A female attempted me too, here I used dry pastels and felt very well.
Then I looked at a Frida portrait and made a dry pastel portrait of her too. It was very nice to do too.
This friday morning I felt that a dray pastel portrait must be done! And it became this and I like it for the moment.
But I have done something else also:
I like to practice drawing with different objects.